Leavesden Green JMI

Leavesden Green JMI

"We will care, share and do our best as we all live and learn together"





Main School Entrance

Leavesden Green is a caring, happy and successful school. The staff are highly motivated, work well as a team and value each other's contribution towards the success of the school. We continue to build on the quality of provision we offer and our standards and attainment are consistently improving as we drive for the highest academic and wider learning experiences for our children.

Our Shared Vision

  • We aim for everyone in our community to become life long learners in all aspects of learning.
  • To develop everyone to become confident successful learners who achieve their full academic potential in an enjoyable, safe and stimulating environment.
  • Provide high quality learning experiences that develop personalised learning for each child
  • We believe our school is part of the wider community and our role is not just limited to classroom learning

We are all dedicated in supporting each individual child so that they can achieve their academic potential and become resilient confident learners. Able and talented pupils are appropriately challenged whilst those who need specific help are guided and supported accordingly. The children also benefit and enjoy many extra curricular activities led by the staff which include sport, music, IT and the expressive arts which provide an added stimulating dimension and opportunity in the children’s exciting school lives.

Our website provides a lot of information about our school which I hope you find useful, and that it that it gives you an insight into our school community. If you would like further information please contact us  or arrange a visit to get to know us better.

PDF file School Aims (502KB)


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